We're Having a Baby!

Yay Yay! Well thank you for tuning into this little pregnancy and baby growing update! Although we wish we could have hugs and belly rubs in person and show off little Baby E's strong kicking abilities, it just wasn't meant to be.

Pregnancy has been.... weird. In case anyone says otherwise They're crazy! Your body changes, mind changes, taste changes, even your ability to breathe changes!

We found out super early at just 4 weeks, and shared the secret right away with our families.

Then we waited until after our first ultrasound at 12 weeks to share with the world. After seeing this little peanut it was hard not to share :)

First trimester was definitely humbling. No one knew our little secret yet, but I was sleeeeeeeepy and nauseous. I spent most of the fall snoozing at work on my lunch breaks, on the couch right when I walked in the door or just in my bed by 7pm. Sometimes even eating in bed, so I could just snooze right after.. oh boy!

Otherwise, something everyone loves to ask about is cravings. My weakness was hot chocolate. I went for the good stuff: Ghirardelli! Main Aversion? Any and all vegetables.... Yup! I stopped eating all veggies and survived on grilled cheese and breakfast sandwiches for about 2-3 months.

Christmas was extra special this year, because on Christmas Day we found out if "Baby E" was going to be a boy or girl. We popped fun party poppers and celebrated our Baby Girl with a pink shower of confetti.

Second Trimester was golden. I felt way better and got to travel to visit with family and friends and be present for moments that mattered. Meanwhile, we got to watch as our peanut grew into a real little baby. Sometimes even with unofficial sneak peaks while I was at work.

With Third Trimester came COVID and the hault to any more adventures for Me, Jeffy and Baby E. Fortunately, we have both been blessed to be safe and able to work from home. Due to my pregnancy, I am doing online learning instead of treating patients in the hospital and risking exposure now. So I have felt very supported by CHOP and can focus on growing this baby! And growing I have done:

Now the next step is preparing for baby. We're not making a nursery now, because we'd rather have our guest room ready for visitors. But our room has a special little corner ready for the crib!

So come June 12, we can't wait to send another update with photos of our happy baby girl. (We'll share her name then!) And come this summer and fall when the world reopens we hope we'll see you in person for some snuggles.

Sending love and thanks for everyone's care!

💖 Jeff and Christina

P.S. If you would like to send a gift since no baby shower will be on the books, we do have a registry. We have most of the big essentials, but have lots a little things left to grab. We welcome any creative baby gifts and cute gear for summer babies and winter toddlers 😃 We promise to send a pic of the little pooch enjoying it all. Thank you in advance!

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